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Q-1. Why we need to enable active X plugins on browser ?
Clients machine ID neeeds to be captured,To do so the user has to enable active X plugins failing which the user will not be able to login. For manual to enable active X plugins Click here

Q-2. How much time can I devote in a single sitting at the course ?
Any single study session shall be restricted to a maximum of four hours after which you will be automatically logged off.

Q-3. What will be my User Id and password?
Your User ID and password is sent by us through SMS as well as email, on the mobile no./Email ID, provided by your Insurer. When you are registered for Online Training through

IMPORTANT - You should ensure that your mobile no. is not registered for DND (Do not Disturb) services, so that you receive SMSs without any difficulty.

Q-4. Why am I being asked intermittently to type the letters that suddenly appear on the screen during my study sessions?
This is called ‘Captcha Challenge’ which has been provided in compliance with the IRDA’s standard instructions with a view to keep track of the candidate’s identity. Failing to do so, you will be logged out of the training for that session.

Q. 5. How many times I can visit a particular chapter? And whether I should attempt the Questions being asked on every topic in the chapters?
A. As many times as you like. You should reply the questions correctly to proceed further in the training. In case the answer is incorrect, you may be asked to study the related chapter/topic again.

Q. 6. What is my login expiry date?
A. It is given on the page which appears just after you login. However after you start training it will reset according to training hours applicable to you.

Q. 7. Website is running slow.
A. Internet is network of networks. Every information we access through internet reaches us after traversing through many routes and network devices which are known as routers. Sometimes routers are overloaded due to traffic so we may feel slow speed of the website. In such a case, information comes to us through alternate routes and may take longer time to reach your machine.

Any request made by your browser to get data/information from the server need to be executed within certain amount of time. If this time limit exceeds, you get a time-out error. The slow speed may be due to your internet connection also. If you are using dialup connection, internet will be slower in comparison to the broad band connection. In brief your speed is limited by the slowest limit in the chain.

Q. 8. How to get the list of chapters?
A. To get the list of chapters click on 'Chapter Index' link.

Q. 9. Is it mandatory to attempt all the chapter tests included in this course? Please also enlighten whether the marks scored in these chapter tests or the mock exam would benefit the candidate in the final exam.
A. (a) You have to attempt chapter test at end of each chapter. However, time spent on attempting the chapter test is not considered for issue of Training Completion Certificate (TCC).
(b) The final exam is conducted by an independent body. Your score/performance in the chapter-tests or the mock exam is not linked to your performance at the final exam. However, attempting them would not only enable you gauge what you have learnt, but also it will add to your confidence. The chapter tests also serve as a quick revision of the content.

Q. 10. Sometimes, while I am on line with this portal, I get logged out automatically. Is there a provision for automatic termination? A. Yes, there is. In case, during an on-line session, a page remains idle continuously for 10 minutes, the session gets automatically terminated and the user is directed to the home page.

Q. 11. Is whole of the time that I remain on-line with this training portal is added to my account as time spent on training?
A. No. The time spent only on the following activities is added to your account of time spent on training:-
• Reading the chapter content
• attempting the practice assignments.
• answering the questions for refresh your memory revision

Q. 12. Is it mandatory to attempt the practice assignments on numerical questions?
A. Although it is not mandatory to attempt them, it is advisable to do them all. Besides this, you must be conversant with these calculations to be successful in your profession as an insurance sales person.

Q. 13. Is there any specific time to login for on-line training ?
A. No; you can login any day any time and any number of times during 24 hrs of a date. The only limitation is that you can't do it for more than a total of 8 hours (maximum site usage ) on any single day.

Q. 14. How long can I continue with the online training?
A. Once you start your training, in case you are required to do a 25-hr training, your ID is valid for a period of 8 days. You have to complete the mandatory hours of training within the said validity period.

Q. 15. Is it compulsory to put in the prescribed number of hours as shown against each chapter?
A. Yes. For Training completion you have to put in the number of hours as prescribed for each and every chapter.

Q. 16. In case I fail to complete the mandatory number of hours before expiry of my ID, can I get an extension ?
A. No extension is allowed in the duration of the course.

Q. 17. Can a person get direct admission to this training course without any sponsorship from an insurance company?
A. For the present, candidate has to be sponsored for the training. Each candidate is registered on IRDA portal by the Insurer and allotted a URN No. which is unique for each candidate.

Q. 18. After completion of this training, can I seek a license to work for an insurance company other than the one who sponsored me?
A. For obtaining a license you have to pass a pre-licensing exam, which will be scheduled through your sponsoring Insurance Company. As such, the point raised in your query is to be settled with your sponsoring company.

Q.19. Which date has been fixed for my final exam ?
A. It is for your sponsoring company to co-ordinate with the examining body for fixing up date of your final exam. Please get in touch with them after you complete the training.

Q. 20. How do I know that I have completed the training hours ?
A. After you complete the training, You will get the following message on your screen.

'Congratulations!! You have completed your training successfully. Please contact your Sponsoring Company'

Q. 21. Is there any one to clarify doubts or answer queries that may arise while undergoing this on-line training?
A. Yes, you may inter-act with the Course Tutors through 'Question & Answer Forum'. You may also mail your queries and doubts at General) and Life)

Q. 22. How do I put my questions to the Tutor?
A. You may do so either through 'Question & Answer Forum'. You may also mail your queries and doubts at General) and Life)

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